Irpin Mayor Volodymyr Karpluk accuses the journalist at “Public Radio” Natalka Sokolenko and the public activist and journalist at the site “Community Pryirpinnya ” Irina Fedorov in violation of the standards, the will of the authorities, and disarming funds of USA taxpayers. Journalists say that in the fact that the Mayor didn’t rank in ‘’the top five’’, he is guilty himself.

Volodymyr Karpluk claims that the actions of journalists led to the fact that he didn’t fall into “the top five’’ of the “Rating of Ukrainian Innovative Cities”. He wrote about this in a blog on the site “” According to him, “a scandalous and odious former journalist Irina Fedoriv pressed the members of the jury and organizers of this rating.”

“The actions of Irina Fedorov were aimed at manipulating the consciousness of the jury members, forming a negative image of me and preventing the victory of the Irpin mayor in “the top-5” ranking. In order to achieve her manipulative goal, Irina Fedoriv used Natalia Sokolenko, her former colleague at the STB channel, both in the direct sense and figuratively”- wrote Mr. Karlyuk.

According to the Irpin mayor on the eve of the rating, on November 27 the site “Public Radio” published “How do city corruptionists fall into the rating of the mayors-innovators?” on the basis of an interview with the co-organizer of the International Summit of Mayors, Irina Ozimok. The interview was conducted by journalist Sokolenko and her colleagues. According to him, the interview was, in his opinion, to put psychological pressure on Mrs. Irina Osimova to form a negative image of Irpin and their city standards. Karpiluk is convinced that the initiator of the interview was Ms. Fedoriv.

Volodymyr Karplyuk appealed to the editor-in-chief of “Ukrainska Pravda” Sevgil Musayeva-Borovik with a request to give him the opportunity to express his opinion about the facts published by Ms. Sokolenko on the site “Ukrainska Pravda”, as well as to the editorial board of “Public Radio” with the request to give him the opportunity to express his opinion about  the facts published by journalist Sokolenko on the air of “Public Radio”.

Ms. Fedorov rejects the all accusations of Karpluk in the commentary to the “Media Detector”. “If the Irpin mayor didn’t get in “The top-5” ranking of the Ukrainian cities-innovators, that is his fault, isn’t journalists. If the mayor thinks he became an innovator and patriot by having put several benches and tiles with ornament embroidery, so he is mistaken. And I haven’t talked with Natalya Sokolenko for a long time,  she is a self-sufficient journalist and she knows what to do “, – said Irina Fedorov.

Mykhailina Skoryk, in the comments of the site “Detector Media” noted that in Irpin, it has been long known that “Vladimir Karpluk is a great innovator in the field of manipulation of both the information space and public opinion of the city residents.” “He has his own troll farm, forcing the press service to work for personal PR purposes and using communal media for personal prevention of opponents. Manipulation, intimidation, blackmail, and the construction of various corruption schemes are those areas where he really may not be equal among the innovative cities of Ukraine, but, as far as I know, the jury was evaluated according to another criteria. And Iryna Azimok also acknowledged on the air that no member of the jury voted for Volodymyr Karpluk. I really acted live on “Public Radio”, but not as “the community of Irpin”, but as a resident of the city. She said that the whole structure of school №2, over which, in violation of the law a third floor will be built, is covered with mold and fungus. There are students of junior high school who have been there for three months, but the city authorities haven’t found money for repairs of classes. And this power allocates and develops millions to add tiles and asphalted sidewalks and roads that don’t really need repair. On the air, I was invited by journalist and leading program “Public Wave” Lubomyr Ference, with whom I had not met before – exactly as a citizen of the city. We communicated on air, about why the mayor was silent for some reason. He would like to write off everything to “my friend” Irina Fedoriv, that he didn’t check whether we really are friends. I also said on the air that Volodymyr Karpiluk couldn’t be an innovator because his work was a continuous “opacity”. The decisions of the Irpin city council for 2014-2017 years you won’t find on the site council or in the communal press, from which finance the city budget come, “said Mikhailina Skoryk.
The Jury “Rating of Mayors of Innovators” has published their official position on Facebook.

“Media Detector” appealed with a comment to Natalka Sokolenko and Sevgil Musayeva-Borovik.

Source: Media Detector