The court resumed the powers of the Kotsiubinske deputy Victor Anisimov

The Kyiv District Administrative Court upheld the claim of the Kotsiubynske settlement deputy Viktor Anisimov, stopping the decision of the Kotsiubynske TEC, which Anisimov was recalled from the deputies of the settlement council. Viktor Anisimov’s statement regarding the decision was as follows

“Voters in my district entrusted me with the protection of their interests in the Kotsiubynske settlement council. So, during the election campaign, I went to the elections with the so-called ‘Matyushina’s team’. Matyushina promised to eradicate corruption with the housing and communal services management group «Вelichi” and to defend the independence of Kotsiubynske.

However, after the election, the settlement Mayor was approached by the scandalous black PR journalist Irina Fedoriv, who began to manage her interests. As a result, the housing and communal services management group «Вelichi” has already changed leaders eight times, the company’s debt has grown to about 20 million, and there is an attempt to transfer the investigative isolator to Kotsiubinske and to connect to Kyiv.

The fact is that Fedoriv manipulates Matyushina and divides our community. I could not keep silent. For this, Fedoriv-Matyushina’s team immediately tried to get me out of my position by helping Lyudmila Demchenko. Lyudmila Demchenko is the head of the TEC, has a history of criminal proceedings related to falsifying elections, and has long been called the ‘ Kotsiubynske calculate.’ However, the court has now stopped the action of their criminal decision”.