The Ukrainian MP Irina Sisoenko accused the former journalist, laureate of the anti-award “The Bowl of the Year” Irina Fedoriv of lying and provided examples of manipulations on their page on Facebook.

“Irina Fedoriv has published information  in ‘The Ukrainian Truth’ that includes personal accusations towards me and attempts to discredit the work of the regional organization of the party union «Samopomich». I want to note the following-I will never work for the manipulators and liars’ interests. Irina Fedoriv and other ‘fighters for justice’ are trying to involve me in a scandal which is another attempt to establish control over the Kotsiubynske village. Kiev developers have had an interest in this little village for several years. Kotsiubynske borders Kiev city and the forest, which is valuable for capital construction companies”, – writes Irina Sisoenko.

“In 2014 they realized, at first glance, a good deed according to Irina Fedoriv’s writing. A part of the territory of Bilychansky forest was given the status of a National Park. But thousands of trees have been carved there as ‘forest clearing’ and journalists and activists (including Irina Fedoriv) have not attempted to preserve the historical and ecological value of the forest. In essence, the increase of the forest area is an additional opportunity for Kyiv builders to turn the capital city into concrete residential quarters”,  the MP says.

“The journalist accuses me of treason as the MP … so who am I betraying? I betray only one thing: the financial expectations of Kiev developers, while you are fighting for Kotsyubinske and dispersing the village council while calling 226 votes of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to call for new elections???!!! It is clear why it is easy for you, because the coalition, the power, and the administrative resources are all on your side! Incidentally, I do not have cars with the numbers of the Verkhovna Rada, it’s another lie from journalist Irina Fedoriv “, – emphasizes Irina Sisoenko.

Let’s remember that Irina Fedoriv, along with V’yacheslav Pikhovshek, became the recipient of the media anti-award “The Bowl of the Year” and was included in a list of  the top five journalists who refuted the honor of the profession, along with Igor Guzhva. While  working at the STB channel, she met with the former president Viktor Yanukovych in 2011, after which Fedoriv received a reward from the former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka. She protected the interests of joining Kotsyubinske to Kiev, which will allow the capital’s developer to cut down Bilychansky forest. Fedoriv’s opponents have also blamed her of supporting the transfer of the Lukyanivky investigative isolator from Kiev to Kotsyubinske, for which she supposedly received several apartments in one of the capital residential complexes.

Activists call the actions of this journalist “Irina Fedoriv’s phenomenon”, by which they mean the substituting of the concepts in professional activity. To kill information, she enters into the journalists’ confidence of the leading media and calls herself an “activist”. Manipulating the facts and violating the principles of journalistic ethics, Fedoriv defends the interests of developers. As the coordinator of the movement “Honestly,” Fedorov used the brand “Honest” and the United States taxpayers’ grants for media attacks on political opponents. Irina Fedoriv works as the coordinator of the movement “Honestly”, where she is the most odious person.

Source: Наголос