10 facts about Olga Matyushina’s fighting friend, the journalist and political technologist Irina Fedorov, and what she really does in Kotsyubinsky.

1. Dossier
Irina Fedoriv was born in 1984 in Chernihiv, and now lives in Kotsyubinsk. She is a journalist and political scientist. She graduated from the Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University Institute of Journalism, and the National University of Kyiv “Mohylyanska Academy”, specializing in political culture and ideology. Since September 2009, she has been a teacher in the Department of Political Science at the National University of Kyiv “Mohylyanska Academy” specializing in political science and effective negotiation.

In 2005, then 21-year-old student Fedoriv became the head of the information-analytical department of the program “Windows-News” on the TV channel STB.

Before that, she worked as a journalist at the Chernihiv Region State Broadcasting Corporation for 1 month and for 9 months as an assistant media lawyer at Internews-Network. In reaching such a high position, Fedorov had already demonstrated to the channel’s leadership how she was able to deal with facts and information; turning them into unrivaled means of manipulating the public.
During 10 years of work at STB Irina Fedoriv established close contacts with colleagues from the majority of national mass media-activists, public figures, officials, and politicians. In 2015, Fedorov left STB.

2. “Mediafront” – how to bring down colleagues
In 2009, the scandal of the reorganization of STB broke, which was a violation of current legislation. During this, the journalist Osman Pashayev was illegally fired.

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He defended his rights in court. The process lasted for almost 2 years. At that time, Iryna Fedorov, who was chairman of the trade union “Mediafront” at STB for several years-and this is stated in her biography-never made a public appearance either in court or in blogs, even when Borodyansky’s lawyers argued that there was no union at this TV channel. “Irina’s voice, I don’t remember hearing either during the first cases of filming scenes from the broadcast, or after the collective letter from STB journalists about the censorship in May 2010, after which the movement ‘STOP Censorship’ appeared”, – Pasharov wrote in his blog Moreover.

3. Protection of the forest as a means of distraction
Until 2008, Irina Fedoriv had no concerns about protecting the Bilichansk forest. Neither did she protest when the Kyiv City Council in April 2007 unexpectedly entered the territory of Kotsyubinsky and renamed the street “from the Avenue of the Palladin Academy to the territory of the former military town №136 of the village Kotsubinsky in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv by the name of Ponomarev.” In July 2007, the same Kyiv City Council handed over to the LLC “Capital Centrobud” (which in the same year was renamed LLC “Invest Budresurs”) the lease for a land plot of 147.5 hectares on that same street Ponomareva, 1st in Svyatoshinsky district, Kyiv, at the expense of special purpose territories (military town №136 in the village of Kotsiubynsky). But once the former deputies of the Kotsyubinsky settlement council began to claim land and allocate 75 hectares to private ownership, and most importantly, when the circumstances intensified around the “Bionic Hill”, Ms. Fedoriv became an “active defender of the forests”.

4. Deputy of Fedoriv and the developer-regional V. Khmelnitsky
In 2010, Irina Fedoriv became a deputy of the Kotsiubynsky settlement council. And practically immediately, her real interests began to emerge – lobbying for joining Kotsyubinsky to Kyiv. Her cooperation with the capital company-developer “Bionic Hill”-in particular, with the ex-regional, oligarch Vasyl Khmelnytsky- became explicit. A session of the Kyiv City Council gave 147 hectares of land in Belichansky Forest away for free for building. In tandem with “Bionic Hill” Fedoriv established children’s playgrounds in Kotsyubinsky without any documentation of permission. As she says, she went into politics to save “4 thousand hectares of the capital forest  from the detriment of the settlement council”!!! “Capital forest “! But Fedoriv’s real interest is not Kotsiubynsky, not an accomplishment of the settlement, and not its inhabitants! Her interests are those of Kiev and the capital’s developers.

5. Meeting with the bloody dictator

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On May 24, 2011, the “simple activist and journalist” and deputy of the village Kotsiubynsky Irina Fedoriv came to meet with former President Yanukovych and agreed not about the protection of the Bilychansky Forest and the creation of a national park there (the latter didn’t support the idea of creation, although the documents had already been ready), but rather about the “crust”. After this meeting Irina Fedoriv immediately received “a carte blanche” and full support from all government bodies in the fight against the same name as the “Deriban of Bilychansky Forest”. Fedoriv was honored by Pshonka for her assistance and cooperation. Her articles immediately appeared on the first pages of “Ukrainska Pravda”, according to her statements, the prosecutor’s office organized mass checks and criminal investigations (which were subsequently closed due to lack of evidence). At the same time, Fedoriv actively ignored “Bionic Hill” and the massive cuttings of the communal enterprise “Svyatoshinskii LPG”.

6. We save the forest by chainsaw
The more terrible a lie is, the more people believe in it, said Hebels. Irina Fedoriv has brought Kotsyubinsky and the Bilychansky forest to the capital and shouted about protection against the terrible Irpin builders who have already “cut down a half forest from the side of Irpin”. But today, in fact, this forest is in the devoted capital. The communal enterprise of the Kyiv City Council “Svyatoshinsky LPG” has conducted a continuous cutting down of “so-called especially rare pine-tree species” on an industrial scale under the auspices of sanitary cleanings. Kotsyubinets have repeatedly seen timber carriers, who at night carried ” round wood ” from “Bilichansky Forest”. It is important that the Bilichansky forest was always within the limits of the Green Zone of Kyiv, that is, it was located outside the city and was in state ownership. However, under what legal grounds the communal enterprise of the Kyiv City Council has allowed itself to hack the state forest, and the Kyiv City Council to decide on the withdrawal of territories from the lands of defense and transfer it to private individuals – a rhetorical question.

7. The secret letter about joining to Kyiv

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The adoption of such a decision was preceded by a public discussion and the collection of signatures for joining with Irpin. On voting day, Fedoriv’s emotional and unrestrained speech tried to disrupt the association, but the community met her with shouts of “Shame!”. Soon it came out that two months before the merger with Irpin, Ms. Fedoriv wrote a letter-in secret  from the villagers-to the Kyiv city council asking for Kotsyubinsky to join Kiev. This appeal by Irina Fedoriv wasn’t preceded by any public discussion, that is, the deputy dismissed the opinion of the community. It should be recalled that on May 25 the administrative court disconnect ed Kotsiubynsky from Irpin on the basis of allegedly absent public discussions. In addition, Kyiv has never offered the Kotsyubinsky community to unite, there were no official appeals. Kyiv officials understand that they do not have the right to do so, because according to the legislation, Kyiv isn’t the subject of community association.

8. Spare plan – Matyushina
 In the spring of 2015, a journalistic investigation revealed the true face of Irina Fedoriv and lifted the veil from over her ties with regionalists, the betrayal of like-minded people and political tyranny. After this resonant material, Irina Fedoriv decided to move out of the shadows and manage the masquerade with the help of the young inexperienced Olga Matyushina who, having connected all her ties in the village, moved to the post of the settlement mayor in October 2015. The campaign was successful. The only thing that Fedoriv didn’t foresee was that the majority of the village council in Kotsiubyntsky communuty would elect members of the political party “New Faces”, who supported the desire of the Kotsiubyntsky communuty to unite with Irpin. Fedoriv began to take action on the loosening of the situation in the village. She began to appear with Matyushina, who became known as “The head who speaks by Fedoriv” ,everywhere.

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Acting under the powerful patronage of oligarchs-developers – V. Khmelnitsky, L. Partzhaladze, and having Olga Chervakova in “Verkhovna Rada”, who, with the advent of Matyushina as head of the village, became too involved in Kotsyubinsky, Fedoriv still managed to destabilize the situation in the settlement council.

9. The site of the community of Pruripheniya is a lie in the title
Iryna Fedoriv’s site “The Community of Pruripheniya” is propagandistic harpoon that professes the ideology “Get down from Irpin!”. It is “pouring dirt” on the Kotsiubynsky village council, the Irpin city mayor Volodymyr Karpluk, and deputies of the Irpin city council. Everything is done to discredit the people who are against the absorption of Kotsjubinsky by the capital. The paradox is that a site called “Community of Pruripheniya ” is so eager to disconnect from Pruripheniya, although the communities of Kotsiubynsky and Irpin have been together as early as the 60s of the last century.

10. And what about the forest? 
As you know, May 1, 2014  the acting President of Ukraine O. Turchinov signed a decree changing the boundaries of the NPO “Goloseevsky”, including the so-called “Bilichansky Forest” in the National Park. As of today, June 2016, this decree has not yet been implemented. Irina Fedoriv, who “took care” of the preservation of the Bilichansky Forest, has already forgotten about it. Why this forest, if the main purpose is to sell the inclusion of the village Kotsyubinsky in the capital. With such tremendous support in the Council as that of Olga Chervakova (who, incidentally, gathered the majority for 3 days without discussion, for the adoption of an illegal decree on the dissolution of the Kotsiubynsky settlement council, and has made zero requests about the Bilichansky Forest) Fedoriv could have made a point in the conservation of the Bilichansky forest. After all, in the meantime, the name “national park” is only on paper. Its boundaries are still not officially defined. But Kiev is not in a hurry. In the decree of 01.05.2014 it is stated that “the testament is carried out without seizure from the land user”, that is, the last word about determining whether this territory is protected or not belongs to the same Kiev city council that allocates land for development .

Task number 1 for Irina Fedoriv today is to do everything possible to prevent deputies from the Kotsiubisky village council who are currently working from remaining at their jobs in the future. Because with them, the mission “Kotsyubinsky in Kiev” is unfeasible. Fedoriv’s black propaganda works everywhere. She doesn’t use journalistic professional ethics, reduced to slandering her colleagues, as happened at a local newspaper competition from the National Union of Journalists. While in the jury, Fedoriv, who conducts lectures and trainings on professional journalism, without any reproach of conscience, staged a political campaign against the local edition “Irpin messenger” and then distributed her article to the social networks, where she did not tell about the winners but instead enjoyed the result of this paid PR.

It must be admitted that Irina Fedoriv’s professional skill is beyond doubt. She is able to manipulate facts, arrange the accents that she needs, isolate information from context, hide “win-win” in terms of further resonance of the labels and, ultimately, unfortunately, affect the reasoning and the point of view of people.

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look! I’m calling the phone

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look! I’m calling the laptop

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