On May 22, 2015 in the village of Blistavitsa, Borodyansky district of the Kyiv region, during the discussion of the Law of Ukraine “About the voluntary association of territorial communities”, members of the group “Titushky” beat a journalist from Ivan Lysenko’s news agency.

The journalist had already reported a crime to the local police station. “Titushky” was coordinated by the deputy of the Gostomel settlement council Yuri Marchuk, who acts in the interests of an illegal developer – the owner of the Park Town Company. At the same time, the site of “The community of Priripheniya”-which was controlled by the coordinator of the movement “Honestly” in the Kyiv region, Irina Fedoriv and the ex STB journalist Olena Zhezhera-didn’t support Ivan Lysenko in this conflict and in fact sided with “Titushky”.

If you look closely at this short video, you will see an excerpt of the aggressive behavior of the “titushky”, the deputy of the Gostomel settlement council Yuri Marchuk, passing and whispering “titushky” into the ear of next in command.

Apparently, Marchuk informed the “titushky” that they were being filmed.

After the end of the event, disrupted by the appearance of these incomprehensible personalities, and with a look worse than Vadim, “Titushky” went out to the street. And here an eyewitnesses would have the impression that we had returned to the criminal 90’s, as evidenced by the video.

The event that took place in Blistytsia shouldn’t leave anyone doubting the inadequacy of the actions of persons with a criminal appearance and the fact of beating journalists. Anyone … except for the representatives of the public movement “Honestly”. This article was published on the site  “Community of the Priripsiya”, which was controlled by the regional representative of the movement “Honestly” Irina Fedoriv.

It is noted in this manipulative article that journalist Ivan Lysenko stepped down, fell, took a stone and began to threaten the “titushky “! Journalist Ivan Lysenko calls this a deliberate information distortion of the events taking place in Blistytsia, in favor of Gostomel’s developers.

“I was hit by someone from the”titushky”as soon as I turned off the camera. When other “titushky” ran to beat me, I turned on the camera again. I have no doubt that these people were brought by the deputy of the Gostomel settlement council Yuri Marchuk. According to my information, Yury Marchuk hired one of the developers who is carrying out illegal construction on the territory of the Staropetrivsky Forestry Research Institute – Vasily Dumyn, owner of LLC“Park Town”. This enterprise knocked out dozens of hectares of forest at the entrance to Gostomel.

The developer Dumyn brought a significant portion of the deputies of the Gostomel settlement council to control the land deriban in Gostomel. The informal curator of this business project of the Gostomel Branch is a former counselor to the ex-heads of the Kyiv Regional State Administration of the Party of Regions and present-day advisor to the chairman of the Kyiv Regional Council Geller Lyslav, who is always represented by the counselor of the chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Volodymyr Shandry. However, Shandra is not aware of such an advisor. After this criminal group divided Gostomel, they decided to embark on Blistytsia, which planned to unite with Bucha “, – said Ivan Lysenko.

 The site «Prirpinskya community” doesn’t mention  the criminal activity of LLC “Park Town” with regards to the felling of forests. It is not surprising, because Elena Zhezhera, a journalist of the site «Prirpinskya community”, is closely associated with the execution of business projects by the clan of developers of Yuriy Marchuk. Also, Ms. Zhezhera has wonderful relations with people with a criminal past “Onions” and “Brynza”. As they say, a complete criminal-gastronomic set. As you know, Elena Zhezhera’s father is trying to position himself as a criminal authority of Blystavytsia (Balanivka), although he was previously convicted of rape and could be imprisoned and subjected to brutal punishment “in the zone”. However, we don’t have the confirmation that the act of ” contacting” took place exactly with the father Zhezhera.

Elena Zhezhera has run for the deputy of the Gostomel settlement council and lost her daughter Yuriy Prilipko to a riot. In fact, the result of the election showed how Elena Zhezhera perceives the population of Gostomel. In the election, Zedzhera is trying to compensate using information failures for defaming yesterday’s political opponents.

During the local elections in 2015, Elena Zhezhera may either run again in the Gostomel settlement council, or in the district where she actually resides – on Tarasovskaya Street in Bucha, where she has established children’s playgrounds. Local journalists say that funds for the establishment of children’s playgrounds for Zhezhera in Bucha and Fedoriv in Kotsyubinskii were received without criticism from the capital’s and Gostomel’s developers.

Of course, Ms. Fedoriv, describing the latest events, couldn’t guess that the journalist Ivan Lysenko miraculously kept a memory card from the camera … Another unpleasant moment.  The site «Prirpinskya community” doubts that fact in the specified pseudo article that Ivan Lysenko is even a journalist. At the same time, Fedoriv forgets that she recently called Ivan a journalist. While creating negative material about Bucha for the STB TV channel and a bit later, on social network pages, she thanked journalist Ivan Lysenko for introducing her to Elena Zhezhera, as now she is her best friend. That is, when it benefits them, Zhezhera and Fedoriv recognize Lysenko as a journalist, and when it is at their expense, they refute themselves. It is unlikely that this is a mistake or split personality. Most likely, this is a purposeful manipulation. Although Lysenko turned to Irina Fedoriv as a representative of the movement ” Honestly “, their feedback didn’t await his.

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In social networks, Ms. Fedoriv, who is hiding under the nickname Ivanka Bek, actively disseminates information about the beating of Lysenko with the ironic photo “Let’s get down”. In comments, the journalist is glad that the article has already been reviewed by 600 people.

Це зображення має порожній атрибут alt; ім'я файлу 83.jpg

Fedoriv’s link, supporting it, is discussed by two subjects: the already mentioned Olena Zhezhera and most actively the deputy of the Gostomel settlement council Yuri Marchuk, who, as we remember, commanded the ” titushky” who beat Ivan Lysenko.

What is not an organized criminal group, which, shielded by the movement ” Honestly “and journalism, has seriously interfered with the business interests of the illegal developer the Park Town company in cutting down the Gostomel forest.

Це зображення має порожній атрибут alt; ім'я файлу 84-576x1024.jpg

The assertion that the community of Blistovitsia wanted to join Gostomel is seriously doubtful regardless of the article on the site «Prirpinskya community” , as all settlements around Gostomel decided on the voluntary union with Bucha. Now Gostomel will not be able to create around itself an independent community. In particular, May 8, 2015 Lubenska Village Council, May 25, 2015 Synyakivska Village Council, May 26, 2015 Gavrylivka Village Council, May 31, 2015 The Blistytsya Village Council approved the decision to join with the Bucha United Territorial Community.

Just like the lost elections in the Gostomel settlement council, this attests to the fiasco of illegal developers who wanted to attach new lands to Gostomel and continue to privatize it for the destruction of the forest.

Це зображення має порожній атрибут alt; ім'я файлу 85-651x1024.jpg

We recall that in the publication of “Irina Fedoriv: relations with regionalists, betrayal of like-minded people and political killers,” Irina Fedoriv was accused of killing information in order to discredit the political image of Kyiv oblast politicians, cluttering facts to manipulate public opinion, meeting with the bloody dictator Yanukovych before the Revolution of Virtue and falling to pressure from colleague-journalists during the work of the head of the news-room on the TV channel STB of Victor Kuchma’s son-in-law – Pinchuk . Thus, as stated in the article, Irina Fedoriv used her official position for political strengthening, by releasing the stories and their comments about the electoral failure of the Bucha elections, the infamous pseudo-activist Victor Barholenka, and the “freedom” Bohdan Melnychuk, who, as Secretary of the Irpin City Council initially imposed a moratorium on land, and soon began a large-scale distribution of land plots.

We hope that colleagues-journalists and the creators of the movement “Honestly” will be honest and impartially analyze the social and business activities of Irina Fedoriv and Elena Zhezhera, and that this manipulation of consciousness will be put to the end. Otherwise, we will get a society where people who climb out and start calling themselves journalists will carry out political orders. And they will do it “honestly,” and most importantly, profitably.

Source: sprotiv.org