After the Ukrainian MP Irina Sisoenko accused the former journalist Irina Fedoriv, recipient of the anti-award “The Bowl of the Year”, of lying and provided e examples of manipulations on their page on Facebook, ex-MP Vladimir Polochaniov agreed. In particular, they talked how Fedoriv defended the interests of capital developers.

“Irina Fedoriv published information in ‘The Ukrainian truth’ personal accusations towards me and attempts to discredit the work of the regional organization of the party union «Samopomich». I want to note the following-I will never work for the manipulators and liars’ interests. Irina Fedoriv and other ‘fighters for justice’ are trying to involve me in a scandal which is another attempt to establish control over the Kotsiubynske village. Kiev developers have had an interest in this little village for several years. Kotsiubynske borders Kiev city and the forest, which is as valuable for capital construction companies “, – writes Irina Sisoenko.

Ex-deputy Volodymyr Polochaninov maintained and defended Irina Sisoenko position: “Yes, this person cynically used our trust with Bondariev. I already had the experience of saving the forest by granting it the status of reserves following the example of the Gallery tract in Bila Tserkva, and when I was contacted by this activist and journalist, we decided to help with Bondariev. Acting President Turchynov signed the decree, but I did not pay attention to the details-it was spring of 2014. The Bilichanskу forest was taken from the inhabitants of the Kiev region and transferred to the Kiev city according to the decree. This made it possible, without breaking the State building standards, to destroy small regional parks in Kiev, to build multi-storied buildings there, and to show that the balance of development building to green plantations, in general, follows.  They have reached the brink and they need Kotsiubynske and Irpin to finally build skyscrapers in Pechersk and other districts of Kiev, without taking care of parks and squares. Irina, do not make a mistake and do not be subjected to monetary influence of such politicians and activists who, in my personal deep conviction, represent the building interests of Kiev developers. Apparently it is not free and nobody regrets the budget for these events. I think this activity is not protecting the interests of Kiev region community. “

Remember that Irina Fedoriv, along with V’yacheslav Pikhovshek, was the recipient of the media anti-award “The Bowl of the Year” and was included in a list of the top five journalists who refute the honor of the profession, along with Igor Guzhva. While working at the STB channel, she met with the former president Viktor Yanukovych in 2011, after which Fedoriv received a reward from the former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka. She protected the interests of joining Kotsyubinske to Kiev, which will allow the capital’s developer to cut down the Bilychansky forest. Fedoriv’s opponents have blamed her of supporting the transfer of the Lukyanivky investigative isolator from Kiev to Kotsyubinske, for which she supposedly received several apartments in one of the capital residential complexes.

Activists call the actions of this journalist “Irina Fedoriv’s phenomenon”, by which they mean the substituting of the concepts in professional activity. To kill information, she enters into the journalists’ confidence of the leading media and calls herself an “activist”. Manipulating the facts and violating the principles of journalistic ethics, Fedoriv defends the interests of developers. As the coordinator of the movement “Honestly,” Fedorov used the brand “Honest” and the United States taxpayers’ grants for media attacks on political opponents. Irina Fedoriv works as the coordinator of the movement “Honestly”, where she is the most odious person.

Source: ZNAJ.UA