It is not a secret that under the guise of public organizations and anti-corruption movements in Ukraine, journalists have often taken down political opponents while experiencing a personal financial benefit. Irina Fedoriv, a former journalist, a political technologist, a black PR specialist, and a regional coordinator of the movement “Honestly” has successfully done just this.

Irina Fedoriv’s comments can often be seen and heard in the national media. She seems to evaluate various social processes, but in fact speaks lies about individual politicians and businessmen. Few know that Irina Fedoriv began to position herself as an “expert on all issues” using the media connections that she made while working on the STB TV channel. She left STB in scandal; having been the head of the primary trade union “Mediafront”, she did not protect her colleagues, but supported censorship and violations of labor legislation by channel management.

After that Irina Fedoriv went to work in the movement “Honestly”, where she once again began to use her work to solve personal financial issues. Her idea was to join the Kotsiubynske village in Kyiv (where Fedoriv settled in a multistory building on a site of the cut down forest). It would have been possible to assume that Irina, like many of Kotsyubinske’s newcomers, simply wanted to feel like a capital dweller (because the village is practically located on the outskirts of the capital), if not for one”but” – Fedoriv openly lobbied in the interests of capital developers, for whom Kotsyubinske is a delicate piece for prospective development.

The Bilichansky Forest has been a special theme for Irina Fedoriv. She picked it up while she was a journalist, and became an “active protector” of the forest of the capital, as she calls this green zone. At a time when the majority of journalists suffered from the censorship of the current regime, the “simple” activist and journalist Irina Fedoriv miraculously managed to meet with Viktor Yanukovych, talked about the Bilicansky Forest and got support from the fugitive – president.

However, now that the Bilichansky forest, already having the status of the National Park, is being mercilessly destroyed by so-called sanitary purges, a disclosure has begun of criminal actions of Kyiv-Sviatoshynsky forestry, which harvested the forest. Only from time to time in this coverage have her scanty notes appeared about some parliamentary inquiries and replies from the ministry. Fedoriv has remained skillfully silent on the topic of cutting down the protected forest, giving  “arguments” that no one is cutting down the Bilicansky forest, it’s all sanitary cleaning …

Fedoriv did not hide her attachment to Kiev developers when they threatened to transfer to Kotsyubinske the Lukyanivka Investigative Isolator. ”Let the investigative isolator be transferred, the main thing is that the roads have been built and that the relatives have bought products in local stores!” – she manipulated, giving the green light to the capital’s developer to build one of the largest residential complexes on the territory of the Lukyanivka Investigative Isolator. Fedoriv actively supported the legitimacy of such a decision, while the whole community fought against it. The Kotsyubinske community defended their interests in the fight against capital developers and their local “policeman” Irina Fedoriv and ultimately, Fedoriv could not get the developer of 5 apartments in the capital the LCD “Lukianivsky”.

Another fact of Irina Fedoriv’s work for the benefit of the developer is ignoring Kotsyubinske company “Atlant”’s unfulfilled obligations to the community. According to the most modest estimates, the developer has not paid the into budget of the village 25-30 million hryvnia owed. However, Irina Fedoriv also prefers not to speak about it, as the village mayor of Kotsyubinske Olga Matyushina is her close friend and patroness.

Moreover, “Fedoriv received an apartment from “Atlant” in Brovary and Matyushina – in Kotsyubinske” local residents say.

Particular attention deserves to be paid to the information rumors of Irina Fedoriv through the internet-resource “Community of Prirpinya”. Already, the name is a manipulation. Fedoriv positions the site as the voice of the entire community of the region. In fact, she lets out only the publications of her cohort-or she writes them herself, signing their names. Repeatedly the authors were exposed to have participated in facts manipulation and black PR. For example, Irina’s friend, a journalist from Bucha, Elena Zhezhera, on the site “Community of Prirpinya”, cynically speculates on the theme of the war in Ukraine. In particular, she writes “black material” about the opponents, signing the name of a fighter without his knowledge.

Playing to double standards, Fedoriv and Zhezhera in 2015 began to protect the hooligans who beat journalist Ivan Lysenko. Defending the interests of another developer, Vasily Dumena, ms. Irina published a manipulative article, which actually justified the beating, claiming that the man stumbled, fell, took a stone and began to threaten the “hooligans”! Ivan Lysenko calls it a deliberate information distortion of events taking place in Blistytsia, in favor of Gostomel real estate developers. Gostomel and Blizstytsia are the same region where the land is as prized as  gold.

Iryna Fedoriv’s cooperation with developers looks particularly cynical in  the background of her “war” with Irpin and its mayor, Volodymyr Karpiluk. Fedoriv does not hide the fact that Karplyuk is the main target of her information attacks. After analyzing her personal page on Facebook and the publications on her controlled site “Community of Prirpinya”, it becomes obvious who Fedoriv is working for and against. Indeed, Kotsyubinske is a part of Irpin since 1962, and this fact is the biggest obstacle for those who wish to join the settlement in Kiev and to build in Kotsyubinskaya.

Every day on “Fedoriv’s” internet resources publications appear which defame the Irpin mayor. Fedoriv has remained proud of the fact that her movement “Honestly” “found” 67 apartments in the Mayor’s declaration, although Karplyuk was the first to honestly to declare the property in Ukraine and did not hide anything. Fedoriv has only found what is already known to all. Karplyuk, before becoming a mayor, headed several large enterprises that he had never concealed. But this does not prevent Fedoriv from manipulating the facts, accusing the opponent of unlawful enrichment at the expense of the community. In addition, Irina Fedoriv’s site regularly copies the image of billboard with Volodymyr Karplyuk and the hooligan inscription “Regional”. That is also a manipulation, because the Irpin Mayor has never been a member of the Party of Regions. And Fedoriv herself actively cooperates with former regionalists. For example, Larysa Khramchenko, a member of the Kotsiubynske settlement chairman team, the so-called “Matyushina’s team”, is a former active member of the Party of Regions. And what to say when Yevhen Dombrovsky, another member of this “Matyushina’s team”, is an employee of the Bank of Moscow, despite the fact that his father Igor Dombrovsky is a deputy from the party “Freedom”? Unfortunately, such people completely discredit individual parties.

All Irina Fedoriv’s manipulative articles are served under the “sweet-tart sauce” of concern for the community. However, Fedoriv practically brought Kotsyubinske to a collapse. It is no secret that “de Jure” Kotsyubinske mayor Olga Matyushina is just a puppet in the hands of Fedoriv.

These women’s political games and intrigues have created real chaos and an unbearable atmosphere in the village.

The Kotsyubinske settlement council has been working without a secretary for more than a year, it has been nearly a year since the executive committee was convened, and the relevant commissions are not working – all in the village managed by Matyushina-Fedoriv at their own discretion. As a result, recently Kotsiubynske was the only settlement in Ukraine without heat. Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman and the Minister for Regional Development Gennady Zubko repeatedly stressed that the responsibility at the beginning of the heating season lies on the local authorities. Irina Fedoriv does not allow Olga Matyushina to sit at the negotiating table with local MPs, because for Fedoriv the reconciliation of Matyushina with the deputies and the beginning of work on the development of the village would be a personal defeat.

Media attacks became the main specialization of Irina Fedoriv and her company. Using an information resource, they first discredit the right people, and after they engage those same people with support. Lion Partschaladze, one of the largest developers of Kyiv and the region was such a case: first, they attacked him, and then used him. Initially, the movement “HONESTLY” recognized Lion Partschaladze as an “evil” politician. Their website states that he is related to illegal building and could be involved in the abuse of power and official position.

Then the Kotsyubinske mayor, Olga Matyushina, received public support from him for his actions.

Thus, they simply use politicians when and how they like it. What is it about the ordinary people that Fedoriv simply despises?

In order to work out the order, Fedoriv does not mind anything – there is no journalistic ethics nor a basic sense of morality and dignity in her publications. Blood and death in the photo before her publications is  a common occurrence.

In order to discredit Tatiana Shalman, the revered lecturer of the Institute of Journalism, she tried to “information kill” and intentionally blame her for censorship. 

Iryna Fedoriv is covered in public by the brand of the movement “HONESTLY”, but she damages the credibility of this organization by pursuing her own purposes. For grant money, Fedoriv advises Vinnytsia fraudsters who stole money from the “Maidan” and blackmail entrepreneurs.

After another photo report Fedoriv’s activity revealed that one of her “like-minded” is Taisiya Hayda. Hayda is also called “scandalous journalist in Vinnytsia.” Coincidence? How many these “coincidence” on the black Fedoriv’s path will be? 

As a member of the movement “HONESTLY”, Fedoriv actively monitors the incomes of “interesting” public personalities, but at one time, being a deputy of the Kotsiubynske settlement council , she did not submit her own income declaration for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 years to the settlement council, but instead filed it “for place of work “, that is, to the STB TV channel. There is a significant discrepancy: in the short term, Irina Fedoriv declared over $5,000, only a percentage of the bank deposit. Irina Fedorov again used manipulation to avoid public disclosure around the deposit. She did not make her declaration public, and she wrote so-called “information about the declaration” on her own website, hiding in this declaration the question of tens of thousands of US dollars. And only after it was already receiving publicity did she publish this information herself.  Irina Fedoriv owns ½ private houses with an area of 639 square meters (another part of the house belongs to her mother – traditionally hiding shadow revenues), apartments, and almost 11 acres of land (in addition to man’s property).

Where did a journalist and public activist get these funds? The question seems rhetorical, if you analyze Fedoriv’s history of relationships with developers. 

There is only one conclusion: Irina Fedoriv is interested only in money. She executes someone else’s order for a large sum, or she initially “wet” the object of her articles, after she gets redemption for the so-called “stop theme” – stopping negative publications about a person or organization.

Source: From-UA