Valery Fysun, a member of the Board of the Center for Community Development “INTER-ACTION”, believes that the ” The Bowl” is the best symbol of what many media and professional journalists are engaged in today.

In Ukraine, the Journalist Antitrust “The Bowl of the Year” was recently launched, which will be presented annually to journalists who repudiate the profession’s honor and use the status of a journalist to manipulate public opinion and achieve dubious political and financial goals. The results for 2017 were announced by Valery Fisun, a member of the Board of the Center for Social Development “INTER-ACTION”, at a press conference in the UNIAN news agency. Experts from this Center from different regions of Ukraine were involved in the analysis of the activities of the nominees. After evaluation of these activites, two winners of the journalistic anti-rating were identified. For 2017 these winners are the TV journalist Vyacheslav Pikhovshek and the coordinator of the movement “Honestly” Irina Fedoriv. 

“The first place was undoubtedly given to Vyacheslav Pikhovshek. I knew him personally, he made a great career in TV-journalism, he is smart, but he writes concernedly and it is the worst. His greatest manipulations take place when he speaks half-truths, entering into trust , after, as if during the action of the 25th frame, zombies were taking place, I would call him a journalist-killer ” – comments Valery Fisun.

“At the end of last year, the Association of Professional Political Advisers published the results of the ‘Rating of Specialists in Political Professions’. We were very shocked at the recognition of Vyacheslav Pikhovshek as the best political expert in 2017. This is a real slap for Ukraine. He was a politician in journalism, and she never hid that she was an agent of the KGB, so it prompted us to create our own anti-rating”: Valery Fisun said.

The second place in the anti-rating was awarded to an ex-journalist of the TV channel “STB”, Irina Fedoriv. According to Fisun today, she is best known for her coverage of the scandalous topic of the Bilychansky Forest. Previously, she also drew attention as the head of a journalistic trade union who did not support her colleagues in a difficult situation and instead opted to please channel management.

 “Today, Irina Fedoriv’s journalistic tools are used for a huge business war for the major metropolitan developers over the Bilicansky Forest. If you go to the website “Community of Prirpinnya “, where Fedoriv is the editor in chief, then at first it seems that journalists there are advocating the rights of the community. In fact, hiding behind the public’s voice, Irina Fedoriv works for the interests of businessmen. Like Pikhovshek, she sees a specific goal and works hard to achieve it, using direct manipulation and black PR and lies “- said Valery Fisun.

According to Valery Fisun, the ” The Bowl” is the best symbol of what many media and professional journalists are engaged in today. According to the experts of the Center for Social Development “INTER-ACTION”, the nominees of this anti-award deal not with journalism, but with ordinary labor, deliberately creating deceptive PR and telling falsities. 

 “We believe that the information distributed by winners of this award should be in the toilet, not in the minds of the readers or listeners. Perhaps it is quite blunt, but these people must understand if they do not stop participating in these illicit affairs in which they are currently engaged, the public can send them to the toilet bowls “, – said Fisun.

The organizers of the rating gathered to present the winners real toilet bowls. The NGO “Center for Social Development “INTER-ACTION” intends to annually issue this journalistic anti-rating “The Bowl of the Year”.