Osman Pashayev expressed his opinion regarding Irina Fedoriv

«If I said that Iryna Fedorov’s colleague’s blog surprised me, that would not be true.

Irina has been chairman of the primary union center “Mediafront»  for several years at STB,  yet she has never publicly appeared in court or in blogs in support of the union when Borodiansky’s lawyers have argued that there is no trade union center for the TV channel. I don’t remember hearing Irina’s voice after the first cases of withdrawing stories, or after the STB journalists’ collective letter about censorship in May 2010 following creation of the civil movement “STOP Censorship”.

And now, concerning the accusations about my sick leave and the act on the “APR”.

So, I’m at the hospital at both work places. I don’t fully comply with the obligations of the chief editor of news. I have to do it at home and take my own initiative-twice a week for half an hour, I work, just like you, Irina. You wrote your blog on your own initiative.

Never in my life have I received any fake sick leave certificate and this year I was ill only twice – at the beginning of the New Year holidays, and immediately after Davos. The television channel leadership can confirm this. I got to know about Borodiansky’s order about my renewal on October 2, 2012, was at the hospital on February 1, although the STB representative asked the court for clarification, because he didn’t understand why I needed to be reinstated in January 2013.

I came back to work at STB on February 4th and on the first day I faced all the consequences of this renewal: prohibition to stay in the newsroom, use the Internet, cries of the lawyer Mr. Babenko to “not to look at the phone during a conversation with him,” etc.

On the same day, after the “show” STB with my renewal, I wrote a vacation application, because I have the right to have free time 36 days a year under the Law “About State Support to Mass Media and Social Protection of Journalists”. I have never used this right before, although I have known about it for a long time, but if in these circumstances we are talking about legality, I have a right to do so. The vacation application was dated February 4th. Therefore, my sick leave certificate can only be a document of strict reporting exclusively as a souvenir from Kiev without any additional losses for the channel and budget of the country if the channel’s management will sign the vacation application.

In addition, I was in a legal conflict due to the illegal actions of STB for two years, because I have been a regular staff member of the APR channel since August 1, 2011. I independently filed a court decision on my renewal to the accountants of the TV channel STB, in order that ATP recognized my work as a part-time job. In the near future, the accountant of the TV channel will transfer the amount of social privileges on personal income tax and the difference of funds that I haven’t paid since August 1, 2011, I will I carry the budget after STB unblocks the execution of the court’s decision to recalculate the money that I was charged with.

Hopefully, I gave a detailed and candid answer to all the questions of Irina Fedoriv, and now I have my own questions.

Ms. Irina:

– What were your actions during the first illegal order for the dismissal of “Windows” employees in the year 2009, such that the employer didn’t agree with the primary union center in accordance with Ukrainian legislation?

– What were your actions when three of the five members of the union committee “Mediafront” resolved to publicize the story of Sergei Andrushka in accordance his written application, which did not become public on September 1, 2010?

– What was your position during the second illegal reduction at “Windows” in 2010?

I am proud of your tenacity during the defense of the Belichansk Forest, where you purchased an apartment, and I hope that the STB TV channel’s assistance regarding your election as a deputy of the village council isn’t connected with your intention to intervene in this war on the side of people who are very close to criminal liability for violating labor laws.
Source: Ukrainian truth