“Irina Fedoriv’s phenomenon” is the unique phenomenon of Ukrainian journalist Irina Fedoriv, who lobbies the interests of developers and information killers, and covers the struggle for justice and an active civic stance.

This phenomenon is named after Irina Fedoriv because until now Ukrainian civil society hasn’t had such examples of cynical manipulation of facts in order to destroy opponents. Let’s consider this phenomenon in separate components.

Who is Irina Fedorov? Today she is the coordinator of the movement “Honestly” and a teacher at Kyiv’s “Mohylyanska Academy”. In the past she has been a scandalous journalist at the STB channel and a deputy of the Kotsiubynsky settlement council.

Irina Fedoriv’s phenomenon is to replace the concepts. To kill information, she wins the trust of journalists from leading media outlets and calls herself an “activist”. Manipulating the facts and violating the principles of journalistic ethics, Fedoriv defends the interests of developers. As the coordinator of the movement “Honestly”, Fedoriv actively used the brand “Honestly” for media attacks on political opponents.

The springboard for the systemic manipulations of Irina Fedoriv is the village Kotsyubinske near Kiev. Fedoriv’s aim is joining Kotsyubinske to Kiev. The buyers of the “activity” of Fedoroiv are developers who want to increase the green planting factor of the capital for the further development of Kyiv at the expense of Bilichansky Forest and build one of the largest residential complexes in the capital on the territory of the Lukianivke’s investigative isolator, transferring the investigative isolator to Kotsyubinske. When the residents of Kotsyubinske learned that Irina Fedoriv lobbied for the transfer of the investigative isolator from Kiev to the Bilychansky Forest, Fedoriv began to defend the investigative isolator in Kotsyubinsky, manipulating the following: “Let them be transferred to the investigative isolator, the main thing is that it will make roads, and that the relatives of arrested people will buy products in local stores ! “
Local deputies from the party “New Faces”, headed by a former scandalous developer and current Irpin mayor, Vladimir Karpiluk, has acted against the transfer of the Lukianivke’s investigative isolator.

Irina Fedoriv works as the coordinator of the movement “Honestly”. Of all the representatives of this movement, she is the most odious person, as evidenced by the numerous examples of her scandalous lobbying of interests.

Surprisingly, the main objects of Irina Fedoriv’s work are politicians who have the greatest confidence on the part of voters. The first example of this is Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk, against whom Irina Fedoriv has been fighting using dirty methods for several years, using the resources of grantors of NGOs involved in the movement “Honestly”. Irina Fedoriv’s  purpose is very simple – to remove Anatoly Fedoruk from position and bring to power in Bucha the scandalous Buchanian entrepreneur Victor Barholenko, who has repeatedly faced Fedoruk at mayoral elections.

The same opinion about this lobbying of interests was also expressed by a public figure, a journalist and assistant to Deputy Denis Maganov, who was intrigued by the scandalous journalist and the activities on her Facebook page.

The residents of Bucha organized the citywide “Viche” for support of Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk, who was re-certified by the residents of the city. The pressure put on the legitimate Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk on behalf of Irina Fedoriv and her patroness in the parliament, Olga Chervakova, has been carried out using informational attacks. Thanks to Chervakova, Irina Fedoriv has had the opportunity to pour dirt on Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk during the “live broadcast” of oligarchic pro-Russian TV channels, where Chervakova used to work.

As a deputy to the Kotsyubinske settlement council in one of their previous convocations, she did not submit her declaration to the village council, submitting it instead “at the place of work”, that is, to the STB channel. There is a significant nuance in this declaration: in the short term, only a percentage of the bank deposit “public activist” Irina Fedoriv received over $ 5,000. That is, it’s hard to imagine what reason there was for an honest journalist to receive a contribution of that amount. Iryna Fedorov used manipulation to avoid public disclosure about the deposit. She did not make her public declaration, and on her own website wrote the so-called “information about the declaration”, hiding in this article the question about  tens of thousands of US dollars, taxes which are unlikely to be paid.

Irina Fedoriv created and supports the site ” Pruirpinnia Community “, although Fedoriv’s main task is to see the separation of both the Bilichansky forest and the village of Kotsiubynske from Priirpinia and instead join with Kyiv. Most of the articles on the site ” Pruirpinnia Community ” are written without respecting the basic principles of journalistic ethics. First of all, the opinion of those who are accused in these articles is not presented in any way. Residents of Kotsyubinskie know that Irina Fedoriv writes most articles of this site, and then signs these articles by the names of local activists. 

While leading the trade union “Mediafront” at the channel STB, Irina Fedoriv at one time supported the release of the STB journalist Osman Pashayev and, according to Pashayev, stopped the broadcasting at STB of the disadvantages of Yanukovych’s then regime of information stories.

Similarly, Iryna Fedoriv silently attempted with the Chernovetsky team to privatize the Bilychansky forest. Her voice was not heard when the Kyiv City Council in April 2007 “hit” the territory of Kotsyubinsky, renaming the street “from the Avenue of Academician Palladin to the territory of the former military town №136 of the village Kotsyubinsk in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv  the name of Ponomarev”. Nor was it heard in July 2007, when the city council transferred to the LLC “Capital Centrobud” rental of a land plot of 147.5 hectares on the street Ponomareva, 1 in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv, at the expense of special purpose territories (military town №136).

In 2010, when Yanukovych became President, active cooperation began between Fedoriv and “Bionic Hill”, the capital city development company. The Kyiv council provided, free of charge, 147 hectares of land in the Belichansky Forest for construction. In tandem with “Bionic Hill” Fedoriv installed in Kotsyubinske children’s playgrounds without any permits for this construction. Then she manipulatively called the Kotsyubinske Forest the “Forest of the Capital”.

On May 24, 2011, Iryna Fedoriv, a “simple activist and journalist”, met with then President Viktor Yanukovych.

It was after this meeting that Iryna Fedorov immediately received full support from the prosecutor’s office. Fedoriv was immediately awarded the Yanukovych cum by now fugitive,  former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka. Fedoriv’s articles immediately appeared on the first pages of “Ukrainska Pravda”, according to its statements, the prosecutor’s office organized mass investigations and criminal proceedings (which later closed for lack of evidence). At the same time, Irina Fedorov actively ignored the theme of “Bionic Hill” and massive cuttings by the Communal enterprise “Svyatoshinsky FPE”. Thus, Iryna Fedoriv fulfilled her main task – diverted the public’s attention to the issue of building in the Bilichansky forest by the company “Bionic Hill”. 

“The more terrible a lie is, the more people believe in it” – said Josef Geberly. His colleague and follower Irina Fedoriv, in all possible ways, has dragged the Bilichansky forest to the capital and cried about protection from scary developers who have already ” cut out the floor of the forest”. The communal enterprise “Svyatoshinsky FPE” has conducted the cutting down of “so-called especially rare pine rocks” on an industrial scale under the auspices of sanitary cleanings. Kotsyubinets have repeatedly seen timber carriers, who at night carried ” round wood ” from “Bilichansky Forest”. Local deputies reported this to the law enforcement agencies and the prosecutor’s office, but neither institution has gone to the crime scene. This is a traditional situation for affairs in which Irina Fedorov is involved.

In the spring of 2015, a journalistic investigation revealed Irina Fedoriv’s  true face and lifted the veil from her ties with regionalists, betrayal of like-minded people and political killers. After this resonant material, Irina Fedoriv decided to move into the shadows and managed this masquerade with the help of young inexperienced Olga Matyushina, who she “pushed” into the position of Kotsiubynske settlement mayor. “The head who speaks Fedoriv’s tongue” is how residents of the village now refer to Matiushina. 

On May 1, 2014 Acting President of Ukraine O. Turchinov  signed a decree about changing the boundaries of the NPO “Goloseevsky”, including the so-called “Bilichansky Forest” in the National Park. As of today, June 2016, this decree has not been implemented. Irina Fedoriv, who “took care” of the preservation of Bilichanske Forest, has already forgotten about it. Why this forest, if the main thing is to sell the inclusion of the village of Kotsyubinske into the capital. With the support of the parliament from the side of the scandalous Deputy of Ukraine Olga Chervakova, Fedoriv could make a point in the issue of preserving the Bilichanske Forest for a long time. For now, the name “national park” is only on paper. Its boundaries still are not officially defined.

The main task of Fedoriv has been to replace the interests of developers for the interests of the community, and to get (formally – buy) another apartment in the new residential complex. Of course, this residential complex is built on the territory of the forest. The Bilicansky forest. To be continued.

Source: Flash on Time News